Singular News #3 : Supporting Fully Charged and joined London HackSpace

As posted on Patreon:

Hi Patrons!
Thanks again for keeping your support during April 2017. With your help, we’re helping the development of Electric Vehicles, Renewables Solutions and Space Exploration. In particular, this month you have contributed to:

Fully Charged Show . I started supporting this YouTube channel led by Robert Llewellyn that reaches a big audience presenting news and reviews in the renewable energies and electric/hybrid automotive sectors. ($2/month)

London Hackspace . I finally joined this collaborative, not-for-profit workshop in London with an immense range of tools to make any kind of project. (£15/month)

– Continued support to Dave Hakkens/Precious Plastic  ($2/month), Wikipedia  (3€/month) and university students’ groups developing EVs and Aerospace projects.

Wishing good luck to our friends from the Uni of Southampton presenting their project to the European Space Agency .

Please consider supporting us to take part in the engineering of the future!

Many thanks.