Singular MARS Business Plan

Company Summary

Singular MARS ltd, incorporated in September 2017, is a company that offers a wide range of engineering solutions. The main core of the business is the design and manufacture of industrial machinery for manufacturing companies, with a special passion for the Electric Vehicles, Robotics, Recycling and Renewable Energies Industries.

Other engineering solutions can also be offered, as we establish a close relationship with our clients and provide our best advice so that they can succeed. Our small size and high customer focus allows us to adapt quickly and provide: consultancy services, sub-contract manufacturing, prototyping, fabrication, design, project management and other bespoke solutions.

Singular MARS is a venture that strives towards building a better future, applying science and engineering to improve the world we live in. It is ‘singular’ (unusual, uncommon, exceptional) in the way it operates and for what it stands for. It is an ambitious initiative that is already breaking the mould and will make a big impact in the long term.


  • To provide affordable engineering solutions that benefit humanity and the environment above all.
  • To move away from a greedy capitalist business model and transition towards a friendlier, more inclusive and fairer economy.
  • To take part, in any way, in the goal of making humankind a multi-planetary species.


  • Social and environmental progress comes before financial profit. We charge fair rates and give back.
  • Collaboration and cooperation will always defeat competition. We don’t see competitors, only partners and friends.
  • Openness and transparency. We adhere to Open Source principles when possible.


The master, long term plan of Singular MARS is to become a multi-industry, group of companies that share the same vision under one brand.

To get there, we are focusing first on the core business of design and build of industrial machinery, and will be integrating vertically slowly through organic growth.

Secondarily, in this environment, different ideas will be tested so the company may act as a start-up incubator. Once those ideas can stand on their own they will spin-off to become a company in its own right. The first spin-off that is being planned is ‘Singular Plastic Arts’, and its own business plan can be read here.

Additionally, we’ll be supporting third party companies focused on the areas that we are passionate about. In this regard, we have already been making small investments into Electric Vehicle start-ups, and our portfolio will only keep growing.

With these two strategies in place, in about 5 years time, Singular MARS will naturally become a holding company and take advantage of the synergies and economies of scale built over time.

Products and Services

The main line of business is the design and build of Special Purpose Machinery, jigs, fixtures and tooling that help our customers manufacture products. These machines (semi-automated or fully automated) and manufacturing stations, cells or lines, can dramatically improve production when used in AssemblyQuality Control and Testing. Our complete Project Management service fulfills our clients’ needs by providing a complete solution from Quotation, Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Servicing.

We can also offer sub-contract machining or fabrication services (CNC machining of parts, welding, sub-assemblies), 3D printing, prototyping and design services. Our customers can additionally take advantage of our unique expertise on efficiency using us as consultants.

New lines of business are constantly being explored and developed, the most prominent one at the moment being a set of recycling machines to process low volumes of plastic and craft new products with it. The concept of a mobile workshop or the option to temporarily hire these machines is being developed here.

Target customers

Although some B2C sales are considered and fulfilled, Singular MARS is mainly a B2B company. The target customers are, specifically, manufacturing companies, in the Electric Vehicles, Aerospace, Renewable Energy and Recycling industries. Producers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Foods, Textiles, Paper, Plastics, Furniture and Scientific equipment are also catered for.

Geographically, we are able to service Europe, but will focus on England and more specifically the Gatwick Diamond area. International expansion will be considered after year 5.

Ideally, the companies that we work with would be ethically and environmentally conscious. In that respect, we are happy to serve Community Interest Companies, Charities and other Social Enterprises, as well as Universities, Colleges and Art Schools, Inventors and Start-ups.

Marketing plan

An outlined marketing plan of the business includes the following strategies:

  • Attend networking events and trade shows, creating a network of contacts that gets us customers by recommendation.
  • Highly specific online advertising campaign, targeting very specific tasks and jobs that we can do in our local area.
  • Advertising on industry specific magazines and local business bulletins.
  • Social media and special promotions shared with followers.
  • Sponsoring charity events.


The main source of revenue is the sale of products and services the company offers. Additionally, this is supplemented by:

  • Donations from our supporters. Regular donations are being received on our Patreon page.
  • Investments in third partiy companies may turn a profit after an exit or via dividends.
  • Grants and funds for specific projects.

The main fixed costs are the owner’s salary and accountancy fees. Individual projects have their own costs covered.

The initial funding comes from the founder’s savings.


Javier Rivera Canuto is a Spanish Engineer, Entrepreneur, Investor, Environmentalist, Dreamer and a Jack of all trades. He is a hard working individual specialised in robotics, with experience in industrial machinery design and with knowledge in a diverse range of disciplines. Javier is adaptable, a problem solver, creative and highly motivated. He is a strong supporter of the Universal Basic Income, a Resource-Based Economy (The Venus Project) and Mars colonization. Javier has an INTP personality type, obsessive about efficiency and committed to make the world a better place for future generations.