Singular News #2 : Report 1 – First semester

The first 6 months of Singular MARS are based on bootstrapping growth provided by 3D printing jobs. Thanks to the initial purchase of the great Prusa i3 we’ve been able to take on several jobs that have helped us grow, make new contacts and create new opportunities.

Except for the last month, when Patron’s donations arrived, all the revenue came from 3D printing jobs. Capital expenditure is taking into account the 3D printer plus extra memory RAM upgrades. The expenses are formed by shipping, website costs, filament for the 3D printer and other tools bought.

  • Tax Year: 2016/17
  • Revenue: £235,65
  • Capital Expenditure: £510,65
  • Operational Expenditure: £210,97
  • Profits: -£485,97

A lot of interesting contacts have been made in the past few months and the seeds planted will soon sprout. Follow us on social media (Fbk, Twt, Igm, Lkdn), check our monthly newsletter and consider supporting us to do your bit to improve the world we live in.