Singular News #1 : First month on Patreon

As posted on Patreon:

Hi Patrons!

First of all thanks a lot for believing in this project so early on. Karla, Maria, Jose and Dani you guys are awesome!

What have I been able to do with your help? I’ll tell you:

– I became a patron of Dave Hakkens  to support the Precious Plastic project. With our help, he’ll be able to keep developing the plastic recycling machines and make this Open Source project more popular and accessible to everyone.

– I was able to offer a good discount to UoS Lunar Hopper, a students group from the University of Southampton that are designing and building a robot that is going to the moon! They commissioned us with some 3D printed parts for this extra-curricular, low budget project and I was able to meet them and create more opportunities for future collaboration. With your help, we are able to fund space exploration!

– I started a monthly donation of 3€ to Wikipedia, that provides an invaluable pool of knowledge free for everyone.

– I was able to visit London Hackspace, The Remakery and Machines Room, creating more opportunities and new contacts.

And what’s to come? Exciting stuff related to Electric Cars for motorsports, joining the Hackspace and more R&D!

Thanks for your support!