Singular news #4 – Plastic shredder and Greenpeace

As posted on Patreon:
Hi Patrons!
Once again thanks a lot for supporting our venture. This time we bring very exciting news!
We’ve been very busy for the last couple of months working under a contract for another company, designing industrial machinery. This has allowed us to grow and we’re setting up a workshop where we’ll be able to take on more work: Machining and precision engineering coming soon!
Nevertheless, we haven’t forgotten about other lines of work. In fact, we’ve been commissioned to build our very first Precious Plastic Shredder! The design you see in the picture will be built with the huge electric motor that we just bought and when finished, they’ll belong to Kinning Park Complex, a not-for-profit community centre in Glasgow. Thanks to your kind donations, I was able to offer them a reduced price. Will keep you updated on this project as it evolves: Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Additionally, we’re also building another shredder for ourselves, a human-powered version, to do some research about plastic recycling. This is being funded by our profits and by yourselves, patrons, so thanks again to your donations we’re able to make a small contribution to our environmental issues.
Other bits since last we spoke:
See you in a few weeks,
Many thanks,
Javier Rivera

2 comments on “Singular news #4 – Plastic shredder and Greenpeace

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    Hola Javier , estoy tratando de fabricar una trituradora con una bicicleta , y vi tu modelo.
    ¿como transmites la fuerza de los pedales a la trituradora? es una caja con engranajes reductores?? eso le da más fuerza??

    • - Post author

      Sí, la trituradora necesita un par (momento) alto y velocidad baja, es lo que se consigue con la caja reductora, convirtiendo alta velocidad y bajo par. Saludos

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