Let this declaration be a statement of intent for the long term goals of the enterprise Singular MARS. We aim to pursue the following causes, either by tackling them directly or in collaboration with other companies:

  • To convert the whole gasoline-based transport industry into electric through the development of electric vehicles (road, air and marine).
  • To shift towards an energy production scheme based 100% on renewables sources.
  • To stretch the limits of engineering and international laws creating a permanently populated, international ocean station.
  • To take part in the era of space exploration, focusing on establishing a permanent lunar base, asteroid mining and the colonization of Mars.
  • To alter traditional business models by incorporating crowdfunding and not-for-profit attributes into a for-profit company, offer an unparalleled work-life balance and redefining the concept of work altogether.
  • To make the world a better place through engineering, conclusively.

In order to do this we need your help. If you share our vision for the future please consider supporting us. Every little helps.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” (John Lennon, Imagine)